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Why install garden lighting?

When you have decided that you want more atmosphere in the garden by means of garden lighting, it is advisable to be well informed beforehand. Garden lighting comes in many shapes and sizes and has various properties. For example, do you opt for a system that you can easily install yourself or do you hire an electrician? Do you want lamps that have a fixed light intensity or do you prefer a bit more variety? Do you choose 220 volts or 12 volts? These are all elements that come into play when purchasing garden lighting.

Initially, garden lighting is often intended to give your garden more atmosphere. Is it primarily atmosphere or is it primarily safety? Beautiful wall lamps, attractive spots or stylish standing lighting give the garden a beautiful appearance and complete the whole. An image, plant or tree that is beautifully lit in the evening allows you to enjoy your garden even more. If you sit outside in the evening, but also if you look outside from the inside.

Garden lighting can also give you a sense of security and convenience. With the right lighting you see just that little bit more. Throwing something away in the evening or a lamp that comes on when you come home gives you a lot more security. No more bumping into something or stepping next to the path: you see everything clearly. In addition, burglars prefer to work in the dark, so they will rather skip your house.

Wide Choice Of Garden Lighting

The reason why and where you want to place garden lighting largely determines which type of light you choose. A wall lamp, for example, is intended to illuminate the facade/fence/wall/next to the front door and provides light upwards, downwards or around. A motion sensor can also be connected to it, so that the wall lamp switches on when someone walks past. Spotlights are often placed to highlight plants or a specific object. Objects will stand out even more when they are lit with a spotlight. Post lights, also called pillar lights, are often placed along a path or in several places in the garden for safety and extra atmosphere. At Garden Light Shop there is a wide choice of many types of garden lighting. From wall lamps and post lights, to spotlights, uplights and decklights.

Smart garden lighting is one of the latest developments and transforms every garden. With the app specially developed for this purpose, the garden lights are controlled remotely and a timer can also be set. With Smart Lights you can create zones and scenes to great effect. Smart Lights also have colour changing and dimming capability. Ensuring you always have the right light effect.  

Do it yourself or outsource it?

Installing garden lighting is not the same for every type of garden lighting. Traditional garden lighting, for example, uses 220 volts. With 220v lighting you have to pay attention to safety. They should only be installed by a qualified electrician and 220v cables need to e buried 50cm below ground for safety. This makes for a very in-flexible system that you, the garden owner cannot modify without calling the electrician back. 

Low voltage garden lighting, such as our Garden Lights, works on safe 12 volts. This provides a totally safe system that is children and animal friendly. Installation is much easier as this garden lighting system is plug and play and therefore you can easily do it yourself. After all, the cables do not have to go into the ground, making installtion easier and quicker. In no time at all you can start to enjoy an attractive illuminated garden. What do you choose?