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   Ok the standard cables have pre-moulded connectors (sockets) on at pre-determinded intervals, generally 2mtr spacing after an initial 4 or 5mtr plain start to each standard cable. This type of cable generally comes in the lighter weight SPT1 cable (max 120w rated) and will suffice for most simple garden lighting apllications. The Deluxe SPT2 plain cable is as it suggests, a plain heavier duty cable that does not have the pre-moulded connectors on. Therefore we offer SPT2 female clamp on connectors that clamp onto the cable anywhere you want to place a light. It is 100% reliable and even easier to plan and install compared with the standard cables. Being plain cable it also means you can pull the cable through small ducting and even fits nicely across paths if you remove the mortar gap. The plain cable will also cut to length, again making it easier to install.