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Step 3 - Choose your cable

We offer 2 types of cable; standard cables with fixed connectors and deluxe flex cable with loose connectors. The standard cables come in set lengths of 8, 10 & 15mtrs and have pre-moulded sockets in set positions. This is a typical plug & play system, the lights come with a cable and a male plug which will connect straight into the pre-moulded socket.

The alternative is to use the flex cable with loose connectors, you can determine exactly where you would like to position the connector/light. You simply clamp the female connector anywhere you want along the flex cable and then plug the light into it. The flex cable comes in 10, 25 & 50mtr lengths but can be cut down to size/length by the customer.

When thinking about what cable might be best suited to your garden, don't forget that we do offer lots of accessories which can be used with both cable systems. These include a number of different extension cables and the very important 3 way divider. The 3 way divider simply plugs into an exisiting socket and turns the 1 socket into 3. The extension cables are great if you need to bring a particular light further away from the inital cable run, you can find out what length of cable comes with each light fitting by looking at the technical information on each page.