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Outdoor Low Voltage Garden Lighting Systems UK Plug and Play 12v

Garden Light Shop offer FREE UK delivery on all low voltage 12V DIY Kits, these are considered the safest in terms of pets and kids especially for outdoor garden lighting systems because they operate at a low voltage and are therefore less of a hazard risk than a system which requires a complex setup, such as live music and professional grade electrical transformers for example.

What Makes Techmar Outdoor Lights So Safe? Low voltage: The voltage level of 12V is low, which reduces the risk of electrical shock or injury if someone were to touch the wiring. Techmar Lights with free UK Delivery: The Garden Light Shop showroom is based in Camberley, we offer free UK delivery when you spend £75 (T&Cs apply).

Energy Efficiency: A 12V LED system is more energy-efficient, which can reduce the overall cost of operating the lights. Here's a quick calculation:
10 LED deck lights @ 0.5w = 5w per hour
Energy (current price cap February 2023) @ 0.345 pence per kw = 0.0017 pence per hour to run
3 hours = 0.005 (1/2p to run)
6 hours = 0.01p (1p to run)
10 hours = 0.017 (1.7p to run)

DIY Plug and Play Garden Lighting Systems UK Free Delivery

DIY zero skill easy installation: Techmar lights which are 12V systems are typically easier to install than higher voltage systems and can easily be done by homeowners without the need for professional electrical help. You'll also have confidence to know that a 12v low voltage system is totally safe. Safe from heat, electric shock and any fire risk. LED's produce much lower heat so they are safe for childrens fingers and will not ignite flammable materials.

techmar lights uk Outdoor Low Voltage Garden Lighting Systems decking spotlights uplights 12v

You will agree, this is cheaper than chips or mars bars. LEDs are up to 90% energy saving and can be expanded at any time and connected with other compatible 12V electrical outdoor systems as they are often easy to connect with other outdoor garden equipment, such as pumps and fountains, allowing for a more integrated and visibly pleasing space.

Decking Spotlight Systems - LED Uplights and Gardens Post for Drives and Patios

Decking LED lights - When you choose decking lights which are LED lights, they will generally consume less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, which will result in lower energy consumption over the same time period. This is a huge plus when you're balancing the bills versus how long, or how often, you choose to use your decking during the darker hours of the day. The Techmar range features various styles of low voltage lighting from spotlights to post lights and decking systems, all of which can be controlled remotely or even set to come on at your chosen time. As a rough estimate, if each decking light has a power consumption of 0.5 watt and there are 10 lights, then the total energy consumption over 2 hours would be approximately 10 watt-hours.

When you buy anything from the Techmar brand, whether driveway posts or spotlights for flower beds, have full confidence in the trusty low voltage lighting range. As any homeowener will tell you, remember that the amount of energy used by a 12V decking light over 6 hours depends on the specific light and the brightness setting. Low power consumption benefits. Most 12V decking lights have a power consumption of around 1 watts, but this can vary between different models and brands, Techmar are 0.5 watts, so lower than most. Techmar have deck lights in cool white, warm white and blue led colours, with round or square bezels. 

Garden Spotlights Kit - 12 Techmar Focus Verona Lights Best Selling Lighting Systems

The Focus outdoor spotlight is undoubtedly one of the most popular in the whole Techmar range. The Focus has a rugged design including a glare hood which focuses the light exactly where you want it, without sideway glare. The Focus comes with a 4W MR16 LED that can be upgraded to a 5W lamp should you need to light larger plants or trees. This is a great system for general garden illumination.

Techmar Lights - Arco 60 Garden Post Kits with 10 Outdoor Lights

The Techmar Arco 60 drive and garden post lights are one of the newer lights in the range. These 3w led post lights are made of aluminium and finished in black, this stylish light is a great alternative to the other stainless post lights in the range. The Arco is great for illuminating borders, paths and marking steps/slopes. The 60cm version is also great for bordering driveways as it is taller and more visible in the rearview mirror. Our exclusive 10 light Arco 60 bundle has everything you need, also they can be extended simply by adding more lights & cable.

Garden Lighting Techmar Simple DIY System - Gilvus 5 Light Deluxe Bundle

Techmar Gilvus 5 lighting is a deluxe range which includes the NEW Techmar connector. No more measuring your garden, just run the cabling around your garden and connect your lights wherever you want them. This is the simplest system yet which explains it's popularity. The Givus 5 is finished in black or anthracite for a sleek look and is constructed of aluminium for longevity. Its 4w led casts a great beam of light, downwards illuminating your outdoor space beautifully. It is designed so that it will fit all 77mm wide fence posts or it can be mounted on outdoor walls.

With over 100 all inclusive garden lighting kits, there is going to be loads to suit your budget and taste. 

Techmar Sibus Lights Black Up/Down Wall and Outdoor Kits

Similar to the Gilvus, The Sibus up/down wall light is a sleek and stylish addition to the thin footprint of this light (67mm x 105mm) making it an excellent choice for fence posts etc. The Sibus is a 12v low voltage light meaning it is safe for animals and people and easy to install without the need for an electrician.

Decking Uplights Low Voltage Lighting DIY Kits - Systems for Gardens
If we were to showcase every LED low voltage decking light in the Techmar range, this article would take you all day to read. We always have lots of stocks of multiple styles, shapes, colours and finishes available all of which will complement any outdoor space with the full range of Techmar Decking Low Voltage Lighting Range with FREE UK delivery to your door!