12v 100mtr Range Wireless Switching

Long Range Wireless Switching, Is it Possible? 

Well Yes it is now……..

We felt that there was a gap in the Techmar range for a wireless switching option for gardens in excess of 40mtr and have had requests to light driveways with motion sensors, that trigger with motion both from the house and the entrance to the drive. So, we went on the hunt for a company that could tick a lot of boxes for us. We always try to cover most applications and find the right products to save you doing it.  

We found Luminite, and their Easy Switch wireless switching range. They have a great range of wireless devices from remote controls to PIR's. Exactly what we were looking for. A few modifications to their 12v DC receiver and it now works on AC & DC. We then have a plug and play cable added so it will easily plug into our Techmar system and straight away we have a long-range wireless receiver switch that we can trigger with PIR's and remotes, with a range of up to 100mtr*

Now we know that this is not going to be needed by everyone, but it is a solution for larger areas that need illuminating and a great solution for driveway lighting. One 12v Luminite receiver and 2x wireless PIRs and you have both ends of the drive covered. The PIR's are powered by a single 9volt PP3 battery that lasts around 2 years, based on typical use. Why not add in a remote control for added flexibility?

In addition, we have a wireless switch module that is designed to convert a standard light switch into a wireless switch. This means that you can have a wall switch inside the house that will wirelessly communicate with the receiver 100mtr away or you can put the switch module inside a standard exterior IP66 light switch. 

Below you will see a typical set up of the 12v plug and play long range receiver being used with 2x PIRs and a remote control.

Some applications for the Luminite 12volt & 240volt wireless switching.

1) Driveway lighting. You want to be able to switch the driveway lights on when you enter the drive and leave home. Easy to achieve with two PIRs. You can also add in a remote control to enable you to override the system 

2) Pathway lighting to the bottom of the garden. You may use the rear of the garden as the main entrance and again want to be able to trigger the lights on/off to safely bring you to the house or rear. This can be achieved with either two PIR's or just a remote control that you carry with you. 

3) You have power at the back of a long 75m garden and need something that will allow you to switch the lights on/off from the house. A 12 volt Luminite plug and play receiver plus remote control and problem sorted. 

4) You have a lighting system, pond pump and fountain you want to switch independently, is this possible? Yes if you use our 4 channel 240v receiver and 4 button remote. The lights, pump and fountain will each be wired into channels 1 2 & 3 on the receiver. This means the remote will switch channel one with button one and channel two with button two etc.  

The syncing of the products in the range is very simple. Press the learning button down on the receiver and press the learning button on the PIRs or pulse the switch on the remote or switch.

To see the full range click here 

Please contact us for more information on what the Luminite range can do for you. 

* 100mtr max range in clear line of sight. 

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