Are garden lighting kits easy to install?

Garden lighting is becoming increasingly popular, with many people using it for both decorative and security reasons. The hardest part about it is not only selecting which lights you would like but also what other little bits and pieces you might need to complete the system. The actual installation itself takes very little time at all and is incredibly simple and straightforward. The idea of a kit is to make your life that little bit easier. Garden lighting kits aren't necessarily designed to be cheaper, although they generally are, but they are definitely the most convenient way of buying garden lighting. No one wants to be sitting online or sifting through brochures for hours on end to find each little thing they need to complete the system, with a kit it's already done for you.

At the Garden Light Shop we offer a huge range of low voltage kits which have everything you need to give your garden that extra something. The majority of kits come with several lights depending on your choice, cabling and a transformer (power supply). We also allow you to customise your kit by adding on various ways of controlling the system; this can include a timer sensor or a remote receiver. The remote & receiver kit allows you to manually switch the system on/off using a funky remote control whereas the timer sensor automatically turns the lights on when it's dark and can stay on for up to 9 hours.

So if you're looking for a safe yet easy way to light up your garden, take a trip to our website to see our wide range of low voltage plug and play lighting.

Easy Installation?

Installing the lighting kit is by far the easiest part of the process, with a simple plug and play system all the lights plug straight into sockets with no electrician required. The kit contains everything you need, even the smaller things such as screws for the spikes/mounting plate. This means there shouldn't be anything left in the box once you have finished assembling it.

The best thing to do before going full steam ahead with the installation is to have a rough idea of where you would like to put the lights. Some people have a slightly more professional drawing, others have a quick doodle on a scrap of paper whilst others have it all in their head. We would always advise laying the cable out first to see where the sockets are located before potentially spiking all your lights into the ground only to find that they are in the wrong position and therefore making numerous extra holes in the garden. If you are running cables along the ground, try and bury the cable to make it a little less noticeable, we find that the back of the border is best as it's out of the way. Once you have laid out your cables, assembled the lights and decided where they are going, all that's left to do is plug the lights into the sockets and turn on the power. It really is that simple.

Want to expand your system later? No problem. All our kits can be easily extended later on when needed.

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Thursday, 05 October 2023