Best Christmas Lights For Small Gardens 2022 Outdoor 12v Lighting Systems UK

If there's anything that creates a cosy, festive ambience at Christmas, it's lighting. Christmas lighting shouldn't be limited to decorating indoor trees, there's so much more that can be done to make a fabulously festive spectacle in your garden. If you'd like something that's more bespoke and custom, give us a call on 01276 903228 or send a message online now - Let's chat and Contact Us now.

Outdoor Lighting Systems for Gardens and Driveways - Low Voltage

We've been in the trade for over 30 years, and we have found that our clients have easy to answer questions, it's also common for people to assume that each light feature (pond lights, decking spotlights, tree fairy lights, illuminating garden posts and wall lighting) all have their own 3-pin plug and need multiple extension leads - nope - you don't even need to hire someone with the Techmar lighting bundles we personally offer.

Measure up your garden first,we are here to help with all of your questions about our stocks oflow voltage 12v LED garden lights, simply select the right cables and transformer and you are ready to plug everything together yourself.

You can't buy our exclusive bundles with any other stockist, we are Techmar's largest stockist in the UK and always keep full stocks of all spare parts, bulbs and cable accessories. Zero electrical experience required, plug all the parts together and let the ooh's begin!

A really effective way of adding lots of atmosphere to your garden this Christmas is with a Smart LED Festoon Lighting Kit. This decorative lighting features colour-changing LED festoon lights. These lights can be controlled either through the app or the included remote control, with up to 210 different settings or modes available. You can also sync them to music on your smartphone!

Best Christmas Lights for Small Gardens 2022 Low Voltage Plug and Play

When it comes to Christmas lighting look no further than Garden Light Shop for low voltage outdoor lighting. Enjoy FREE UK delivery with £75 spend, and remember, you don't need to pay extra for installation, it's so easy to plug and play.

If you plan on hosting a Christmas party outdoors, a Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker and Light is the perfect solution. Change the lighting to suit the mood and pop on your favourite festive playlist. These make great Christmas gifts too.

12v Outdoor Garden LED Christmas Lighting Systems UK

If you're wanting to create your very own winter wonderland, you'll need to start with the lighting. It's important to work with what you already have in your garden such as trees, bushes, posts and decking.

Think about the space you have and how different types of lighting will work in there. For instance, if you have bushes or trees, draping a large set of fairy lights will work wonders, lighting up your foliage and giving a beautiful glow. Similarly, an outdoor spotlight pointing upwards at a tree adds a sense of warmth and really transforms the look of what may, at this time of year, be a rather bare tree.

Small gardens make perfect Christmas displays as only a little lighting is needed to create the perfect cosy winter scene. Some simple White Christmas Garden Lighting 12v attached to the fence for example can look really effective, especially on a cold winter's evening.

Another great option for smaller gardens is Outdoor Garden Post Lights. You don't need many of these to make a real impact. You can get added warmth by opting for a post light with a filament bulb, which gives off a gorgeous golden glow.

12v Outdoor LED Christmas Lighting Systems UK

Creating the perfect festive feel in your garden doesn't have to cost the earth. There are so many cheaper options available and by opting for a 12v Low Voltage lighting system, it's relatively cheap to run throughout the Christmas period.

Shop the ready-to-plugin standard garden lighting bundles that you're not able to buy with any other UK supplier. Our exclusive garden lighting starter kits are off-the-shelf and ideal for first time user.

Larger gardens requiring more lights and longer cable runs, you should consider our deluxe garden lighting bundles and accessories. Buy stunning garden post lights, daisy chain decking lights, svelte and sleek outdoor wall lights, high performance ground spotlights and Smooz decorative round globe lights (colour changing), available in 30 to 50 cm sizes.

The Lighting Shop - Advice with Mains Voltage Garden Lighting Sets

Everyone offers mains voltage "heavy duty" sets and solar powered sets of festoons for you to drape around you pergola or along your fence. Yes they are pretty and create a great look in the garden, but how do they compare to low voltage lighting systems?

For years we have been making sure that anything 240v installed outside in the garden is safe. Safe for people and animals. Although these sets are heavy duty, they can still be accidentally cut through or an animal may decide to have a good nibble.  If you install them permanently outside (and why wouldn't you) they must be RCD protected. Therefore any problems you will be safe. Just like the lawnmower or any powered garden tool must be on an RCD. 

Solar Sets 

Solar is cheap and works ok for a while. If you get 12 months out of the set you are doing ok, normally just out of warranty. Solar is flawed in the UK as we really need more light in the darker evenings and these are in the winter months when we don't normally see much sun. Therefore the running time of the light are greatly reduced. Also you cannot get long sets and interconnecting sets, mainly due the the solar panel and battery size. But they are safe, 

Low Voltage Garden Lighting Outdoor Festoon Lights

In our opinion these tick nearly all of the boxes. They are totally safe, connectable to form longer lengths and easy to install as the are plug and play. A maximum of 5 sets of 12v festoons can be connected end to end to form a total of 50m run. A suitable size 12v transformer will be needed, and we offer a great range of plug and play 12v switches to power them on and off when you need them. The manual on/off IP66 switch is really useful if you are using the festoons on the Techmar system  We also offer straining wire sets to hang the festoons on to stop them sagging, clips and hooks to support them. 

Our 10mtr festoon set is also available in bundles that come complete with a suitable size transformer.  They can be used as stand alone sets or integrated into our Techmar plug and play garden lighting system.  

And..... All LED as standard, so long life (3 year warranty) and energy saving

The full range can be found by clicking here

12v Outdoor LED Christmas Lighting Systems UK 

Festoon's look good around the garden and are a great way to cover a long distance with warm lights for that great atmospheric effect

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