Black Friday Offers

Save 10% off selected lights this Black Friday weekend as well as some great manager specials.

We wanted to do something different this Black Friday weekend to the usual % off offers you can get anywhere. So our owner talked to Techmar about what was possible. What they have come up with is some lights that usually are only available in other countries.

All of these lights are very limited stock and although we will keep stock back to honour any warranty problems. As far as we know, they will not be available after the allocated stock is gone. Although they will be available after Black Friday weekend (if any stock remains) they will not be available at the Black Friday weekend prices so don't miss out.

Genoa Spot Light

I know what your thinking, the Genoa looks exactly like a Focus, and you would be right. The Genoa is basically a Focus. The only difference is the Genoa is made of a quality composite plastic rather then aluminium. It still has an impressive 190 lumen lamp as well! We are impressed. 

Genoa Kit Also Available

Jersey Post Light

The Jersey is basically a tradionally styled Laurus. It's low lumen rating points to this light being more decorative then functional although when compared to the average solar lighting, its still quite bright. Perfect for anyone looking for something more traditional at a great price.

Jersey Kit also available

 Malva Post Lights

 Does anyone remember the Arundo? Well the Malva was the European equivalent. We have upgraded the lamp in the Malva to 2W, 130 lumens making it considerably brighter. We always struggled to keep the Arundo in stock as it was so popular. With an allocation of only 14 of these lights, they probably won't last long. Please note our allocated stock contains both Malva and Arundo (they are exactly the same with only the name being different).

Toulon Post Light 

The Toulon is basically a stainless steel version of the Linum. The Toulon though is slightly taller at 310mm with a white lamp rather then the warm white one that is in the Linum. Again the stock is very small. So be quick if your interested. 

So that's it, we hope that bring you something a little different is of interest. As I said we have very low stock of all of these items and with some also being available as kits. Sadly they won't last long.

Have a great weekend.

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