Illuminating Your Garden for Summer Nights: A Guide to Outdoor Lighting

 As the days lengthen and the sun hangs in the sky a little longer each evening, it's time to transform your garden into a summer haven. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by adding outdoor lighting, extending your enjoyment of the outdoors well into the night. Whether you're hosting gatherings with friends or simply enjoying a ...

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Five Ways to Create the Ultimate Great British Garden Party

 Hey there! Are you ready to throw the most epic Great British Garden Party ever? Picture this: the sun is shining, the grass is green, and your garden is transformed into a hub of laughter, delicious food, and endless fun. But wait, how do you turn this dream into reality? Fear not, because I've got you covered. Let's dive into five fantastic...

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Lightpro Gets Even Smarter!

Samples in, tested and working really well. The New Wi-Fi Lightpro Smart range is a big game changer.  Everything in the home is going wi-fi controlled and fully automated. We even talk to Alexa and ask for the lights on, dimmed etc. Having wi-fi control over devices is a great way to save money by only having them on when needed and great for...

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Good Old Fashioned Service?

Service is the most important thing to the Garden Light Shop. We work hard every day of every week to make sure we give all our clients the highest possible level of service. We do no think Service is a dirty word, we do not think our clients should wait for replies to emails, service requests  or the order to be delivered! We are not a compan...

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Techmar Outdoor Lighting Systems Garden Lights

The New Lights All in stock now!

It has been a busy 2023 with new lights from Techmar. Unlike all other 12-volt low voltage systems, Techmar introduce new lights into their range every year. Fashion and tastes change almost as quickly as interior lighting, so Techmar are always looking at design trends throughout Europe and making sure they always have a great mix of traditional l...

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The SPT2 Flex Cable System Your Questions Answered

SPT2 Flex Cable System - Your Questions Answered Flex System Q & A

The Techmar SPT-2 plain "Flex" cable system has been a complete game changer, since it was introduced in March 2019. This Flex system now makes up over 75% of cable sales and for good reason. The standard Techmar cable system consisted of main cables with moulded T connectors at certain spacing. Whilst these connectors are bullet-proof, they can be...

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Garden Drive Post Lighting Systems Techmar Outdoor Lights for Paths and Borders 12v

Garden-Post-Lighting-Systems-UK-Techmar-12v-Night-Lights-Driveway-Path-Border-England-Plug-n-Play-Low-Voltage.pdf Techmar Garden Post Lighting Systems - Install DIY at Home Plug and Play

As the sun sets and darkness blankets the surroundings, there is something magical about the warm glow of post lighting illuminating garden paths, borders, and driveways. The Garden Light Shop understands the importance of creating a captivating ambiance while ensuring safety for humans, little ones, and pets.FREE UK Delivery with The Garden Light ...

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Garden Post Lighting Systems UK Techmar Night Lights Driveway, Paths and Borders

Get Ready to Illuminate Your Garden with Exhilarating Garden Post Lights and 12v Driveway Lighting Systems! Are you dreaming of enchanting pathways, guiding your steps with a soft glow? Our shorter bollard lights, delicately positioned, will transport you to a world of magic and wonder.  Picture the subtle illumination as you stroll through yo...

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Garden BBQ Lighting Outdoor Lights DIY Installation Summer 2023 Techmar Systems Plug n Play 12v

Techmar low voltage garden lighting systems are perfect for BBQs and outdoor gatherings for the British summer. Homeowners should take advantage with an array of benefits that make Techmar lighting systems the perfect choice for illuminating your outdoor space.  Family friendly, their emphasis on safety and ease of installation with ...

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Low Voltage Garden Lighting Systems UK DIY Plug and Play

Low voltage garden lighting systems from Techmar, are becoming increasingly popular throughout the United Kingdom, which is why The Garden Light Shop are the largest Techmar stockist with FREE UK delivery on all garden lighting bundles.  With low voltage systems, you can enjoy the benefits of outdoor lighting while reducing the risk of hazards...

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DIY Outdoor Garden Lights Low Voltage UK Lighting Systems

If you'd like a DIY outdoor lighting system for your garden and don't know which bundle to choose, give us a call on 01276 903228 or send a message online now - Let's chat and Contact Us today.We offer a FREE customised service to hand pick a starter kit with absolutely everything you need to plug and play. Also when we speak, you can ask as many q...

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Low Voltage Garden Lights UK Techmar Decking Spotlights Outdoor Lighting Systems Supplier


Fancy a discount on your first order? - sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page and check your email inbox. Oh, and remember, if you'd like something that's more bespoke and custom, give us a call on 01276 903228 or send a message online now.  Outdoor Low Voltage Garden Lighting Systems UK Plug and Play 12v Garden Light Shop offe...

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All things SMART

Smart Lights, Smart LED's and Smart Switch Many people are now looking for Smart controls around the home; not only is it very convenient to be able to control key functions around your home, but it also helps us all feel safer. We can now appear to be at home even though we may be sunning ourselves on the beach hundreds of miles away. Techmar have...

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Techmar Transformers - Do's & Dont's

For a safe & simple garden lighting system it needs to be 12-volt, therefore a transformer is required. Techmar Transformers We get asked a lot of questions about the Techmar range of transformers so we have decided to put together a fact sheet that will hopefully answer any questions you may have. All our transformers are 12-volt output and ha...

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12v 100mtr Range Wireless Switching

Long Range Wireless Switching, Is it Possible?  Well Yes it is now…….. We felt that there was a gap in the Techmar range for a wireless switching option for gardens in excess of 40mtr and have had requests to light driveways with motion sensors, that trigger with motion both from the house and the entrance to the drive. So, we went on the hunt...

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Best Christmas Lights For Small Gardens 2022 Outdoor 12v Lighting Systems UK

If there's anything that creates a cosy, festive ambience at Christmas, it's lighting. Christmas lighting shouldn't be limited to decorating indoor trees, there's so much more that can be done to make a fabulously festive spectacle in your garden. If you'd like something that's more bespoke and custom, give us a call on 01276 903228 or send a messa...

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Techmar Go Industrial

The fact is that we now what more from our outdoor home spaces. Landscapers are busy designing the ideal dream gardens for clients, making their outdoor space more flexible and useable. Creating casual seating areas, home offices, cooking areas and dining spaces with less real grass and low maintenance flower bord...

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Garden Light Shop Teams Up with

 Reviews.IO the Independent Online Review Company The team at the gardenlightshop have always tried extremely hard to provide our customers with a high service level from the initial planning and designing stage through to the after sales care, and hope you found the process easy and straight forward. As the owner of the business, I believe it...

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PayLater by PayPal

PayPal's PayLater Scheme for 3 Months Interest Free Payments  PayPal are offering 0% APR for 3 months on any purchases over £30 with any online store that uses PayPal. So if you have an order for £210 of lights, that will be just £70 per month to pay and NO interest.  We have been asked in the past if we offer any finance o...

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Why 12-volt Garden Lighting?

See the pro's & con's of low voltage garden lighting Techmar have been successfully designing and manufacturing 12 volt plug and play garden lighting for over 20 years. They are the market leaders in this field and offer the widest range of lights, switches and cabling options. In mainland Europe it is the norm to install 12 volt lighting in yo...

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