Split Conduit Now In Stock

Occasionally things go wrong in the garden. Someone puts a spade through the lighting cable whilst being distracted by the offer of another glass of Pimms. The odd bored wild animal wants to play and decides to have a chew, or you may just want to make the cables a little more visible and give them a little added protection, just in case. The ...

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Plain Cable V's Standard 12v Cables

Low Voltage Plain Cable Vs Standard Cables  In mainland Europe 12-volt garden lighting systems have been the standard way of lighting outside spaces at home. Well, in fact they think us British are a little strange for putting 240v mains steel wire armoured cable around the garden and ending up with a lighting system that is totally inflexible...

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Clocks going back soon. What does it mean for you?

The clocks going back at the end of October is the time of year when a certain type of person starts to get busy again, the common thief. The darker evening's help these people move around without being seen, from street to street looking for easy targets. The homes and gardens in total darkness from 4pm are easy prey, especially as a lot of homes ...

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We are passionate about Techmar Garden Lights range

We have been supplying Techmar plug & play garden lighting systems for over seven years now, and are proud to say that we have supplied 1000's of both online and telephone orders, which is fantastic. We supply everything from lights (including spotlights, wall lights, post lights and deck lights) to cables and transformers. We even ha...

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Techmar 6009011 Timer Sensor Unit

Techmar Timer Sensor 6009011 It is that time of year again, Christmas is getting closer (sorry), leaves are falling and the car headlights are on while we drive home after work. Not the best time of year for most of us. If you have one of these great units on your system, now is the time to adjust the ON time setting on your Techmar timer sensor so...

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Black Friday Offers

Save 10% off selected lights this Black Friday weekend as well as some great manager specials. We wanted to do something different this Black Friday weekend to the usual % off offers you can get anywhere. So our owner talked to Techmar about what was possible. What they have come up with is some lights that usually are only available in other count...

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The UK's only Techmar Garden Lights showroom

The Techmar Garden Lighting Showroom Is Now Open Back in late 2015 we built the first dedicated Techmar garden light showroom in th UK. Located on the first floor of our warehouse, the showroom is open to anyone wanting to: See demonstrations of how the 12v plug and play Techmar system works.See that the system is truly Do It YourselfGet help with ...

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How To Create A Stylish Garden For New Year’s Eve And The Winter Party Season

A garden is not just for summer. Gardens can and should be enjoyed all year round. While in the winter your garden may seem bare, cold and desolate; it certainly doesn't have to be. There are many ways to ensure your garden remains stylish and a place to enjoy all year round. For festive parties and New Year's Eve, it is essential to have a beautif...

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Techmar Garden Lights – A Short History

Quite a few of you may already know our story, some of it's on the homepage and we have often talked about it before on social media etc. For those that don't, here's a quick recap. Basically our owner was in a well known diy chain, saw a Techmar display which didn't explain anything, He then asked staff who looked blankly at him and basically got ...

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New and exclusive to the Garden Light Shop

So whats new in 2017 in the world of 12v low voltage garden lighting? Well, there have been a few light modifications, a brand new light exclusively available from Garden Light Shop and some new colour lamp options plus a light that has been upgraded. But lets start with whats new. New 12V Low Voltage Garden Lighting  The only brand new 12V lo...

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Garden Wall Lights - The New Halo

The new Halo low voltage outdoor wall light is exactly the same as the old Halo, but with one very exciting upgrade. The new and improved version can be switched between warm white and white. This is done by simply changing a jumper on the reverse of the light between two pins. Added Versatility  Having this option available allows you to repl...

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Win A Roberts Play DAB Radio

Fancy winning a Roberts Play DAB radio? Simply guess how many jelly beans are in the jar!  You can enter on facebook, twitter, google+, instagram or if your not a fan of social media, simply drop us an email with your guess. Please read the rules below before entering.  The Rules To enter by social media, please follow the rules below. Fa...

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How To Enjoy Your Deck All Year Round

Your deck might be the party central in summer, offering an excellent place for the barbecue and your stylish garden furniture. However, with the maintenance, brushing and staining required, you may feel that you do not get all of the benefits of your deck, and if you do use the decking area, it is usually for those rare, limited warm, sunny days i...

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Are garden lighting kits easy to install?

Garden lighting is becoming increasingly popular, with many people using it for both decorative and security reasons. The hardest part about it is not only selecting which lights you would like but also what other little bits and pieces you might need to complete the system. The actual installation itself takes very little time at all and is incred...

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