Clocks going back soon. What does it mean for you?

The clocks going back at the end of October is the time of year when a certain type of person starts to get busy again, the common thief. The darker evening's help these people move around without being seen, from street to street looking for easy targets. The homes and gardens in total darkness from 4pm are easy prey, especially as a lot of homes are empty until the end of the working day. Now I am not trying to frighten you, but statistics show that there is a sharp rise in house and garden break in's around the end of October. This is a sad fact.

Techmar's Garden Lights range can help. Illuminated front and back gardens will act as a good deterrent. Given the choice, a thief will always prefer the home in darkness to the one that is illuminated and looks lived in. In home security is also very important, but illuminating the outdoor spaces will deter the thief and hopefully stop them attempting to go further.

Techmar Garden Lights range offers the largest range of outdoor 12 volt plug and play lights in the UK. They are easy to install, safe for pets and children and the best bit is you can install them yourself. No electrician is required. Simply plug in a transformer, run some plug and play cables and add your lights. We offer a vast range of spot lights, post lights, wall lights and security lights. Something to suit all tastes and budgets. Quick, easy and much cheaper than you think.

October for us sees a large increase in the sales of the Techmar LED floodlight range of fittings and plug in motion sensors. The floodlights are offered in 12 or 20 watt versions (equivalent to 150 and 300 watt old style halogen) and are great for lighting dark parts of the home, like bin stores, side alleyways, front driveways and patios. Add in the Techmar motion sensor or the twilight sensor and suddenly you have great controllability of the lights. On when you need them, off when you don't. These switching controls save you energy, coupled with the fact that all the Techmar Garden Lights range is LED, you can run the lights for pennies per year.

We are here to help you make your home safe. Why not call us to discuss.

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Thursday, 05 October 2023