And the winning Deck Light is?

Here's our top 3 deck lights in 2022 

Techmar have been doing 12v low voltage deck lights for over 20 years. These are a firm favourite for edging decking, patios and paths and not only look great but offer a level of safety by marking the edges. We offer a comprehensive range to suit all budgets and three different size options. Generally decking lights are smaller in size, whilst in-ground lights are bigger and offer more light output, great for wall washing walls. All deck lights can be mounted vertically or horizontally in decking or walls etc. Great for marking pathways or shining across steps. Low voltage 12v means they are totally safe for humans and animals, and you can install them quickly and easily yourself.

All our decking lights are IP67 rated making them 100% suitable for all garden lighting applications.

1st Place

Alpha LED low voltage deck light - The Alpha has earned its top spot place year after year. It is a solid deck light that is totally reliable, has a solid stainless-steel bezel and replaceable 0.5w LED. The Alpha range has three options for you to choose from, warm white, bright white and blue LEDs. Every Alpha fitting comes with two glasses, frosted for reduced upward glare and clear for projecting more light across steps for example. They "daisy chain" together and have 2x 1mtr cables attached, which means one plugs into the next and so on, reducing the need for extra cabling and expense (see below image). If you need more than 2mtr apart, simply add in an extension cable.

Again, the Alpha range comes in lots of ready to go bundles.

2nd Place

Birch LED low voltage deck light - The Birch is very similar to the Alpha warm white deck light but carries a cheaper price which is why it sits in 2nd place. This is due to two main reasons. Firstly, it comes with a frosted glass only and secondly, it has a pressed stainless-steel bezel, not solid like the Alpha range. The Birch only has the option of the warm white replaceable LED, unlike the three colour options on the Alpha. They have 2x 1mtr cables for easy daisy chain installation, up to 2mtr apart without using any further cables (see image below). The vast majority of decking lights we sell are warm white LEDs so these will suit most clients working to a tighter budget. 

3rd Place

Astrum LED low voltage deck light - This great deck light has been in the Garden Lights range for 12+ years, possibly longer. It is a firm favourite for our landscaper partners and clients alike. It is a bullet proof fitting that just works. It benefits from a pressed stainless-steel bezel, IP67 rated and 6000k bright white LED. The LED is fully encapsulated which means it cannot be replaced as it is mounted in resin, but in all honesty, we cannot remember the last time we had a problem with one. Again, can be daisy chained together to a max of 30 fittings in one run (see image below). Longer runs can be done, just speak to us. Plus, a full range of bundles are available for the Astrum to make life easier.

Techmar released the Acis low voltage deck light last year which is a budget version of the Alpha warm white. It has a non-replaceable LED (as it is fully encapsulated in resin), 3000k warm white LED and like the rest of the deck light range, daisy chainable as the below image. Plus we have put together some kits from 8 - 20 lights At only £8.78 per light, we are sure this will creep into the top three in 2023.  

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Thursday, 05 October 2023