DIY Outdoor Garden Lights Low Voltage UK Lighting Systems

If you'd like a DIY outdoor lighting system for your garden and don't know which bundle to choose, give us a call on 01276 903228 or send a message online now - Let's chat and Contact Us today.

We offer a FREE customised service to hand pick a starter kit with absolutely everything you need to plug and play. Also when we speak, you can ask as many questions as you like as a complete DIY novice or a landscaper with a client requiring professional, wholesale advice for event lighting and a trade account.

Garden Lights DIY Outdoor Low Voltage UK Lighting Systems

 Our low voltage lighting system is easy to install in just a few hours. We have supplied systems to landscapers, electricians and builders that have installed it in not only residential gardens and driveways, but also pubs, churches, restaurant, and hotel gardens to name but a few. As it is 12v low voltage it is not covered by electrical regulations which means it can be installed by anyone. Low voltage also means it is totally 100% safe for people and animals and best of all requires zero electrical knowledge to install with the marvellous Techmar technology lighting systems, you'll be illuminating your outdoor areas in double quick time. All lights come with the latest energy saving LED technology, so you can be assured that it will not cost more than a few pennies per night to run (on average size system based on 3 hours on).

We are the UK's largest Techmar supplier selling direct to the public with FREE UK delivery with a £75 spend. We also offer trade accounts - our team have worked hard to create a trading account that is suitable for both small and big businesses alike.

Trade and DIY Accounts - Direct to the public and commercial businesses

We've found that businesses benefit from having a dedicated trade account to pick up extra benefits and support. When you're trying to get the best deals for your customers and save a little here and there, having a trade account for your business can help a lot, especially for bigger projects when you need to acquire lighting features and fixtures in bulk. That's why we've set out to make it easy for people to get access to our trade account, which offers them a wealth of benefits. If you're a business or tradesperson looking to upgrade your services, it's time to join the Garden Lighting experts.

When you join and sign up for a trade account, you'll get a lot of benefits. First of all, we'll be sending you a welcome pack which contains a lot of helpful materials you can use in your business.

For example, there's a brochure filled with some of our best products and useful information you can show to your clients.

You'll also get to work with our web team, who will hook you up with images and media you need to successfully show off your new services on your site or across social media. If you're after outdoor lighting systems wholesale AND amazing web support, we've got you covered. Of course, it's not just about the welcome pack and the web support. We're offering you a host of benefits that make promoting lighting in your new projects a breeze. If you want to up your game, this is where it gets interesting.

DIY Garden Lighting 12v Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Systems UK Free Delivery

We thrive on making sure that you get some of the best results possible, so feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Take a look at a lovely customer review, they were kind enough to send us some photos of the Techmar lighting system they purchased from us a little while ago: 

 Images courtesy of Mr R Pattle - Some really great pictures of how you can use the Plug & Play lights to enhance other lights in the garden. The overall effect is amazing! Great use of the Vitex and Linea string lights. Well done Mr Pattle. P.s the stunning summer house was handmade!

Company Wholesale Discounts and Small Business Trade Accounts

Our ongoing attempt to offer garden designer outdoor lighting systems at great prices means that we're happy to work with any business, regardless of size. We're happy to welcome any industrial or large-scale garden landscaping company into our midst or a tradesperson looking for that extra edge. We take good care of our businesses and companies that sign up for a trade account, which means that we are always available to provide you with support. For example, if you're struggling to work out what cables and accessories are necessary for your next project, speak to us.

We will make sure you have the right equipment for the job. Signing up for a trade account is easy. All you have to do is fill in the form that we have created and send it to us for processing. It takes two days to officially register you as a trade account, but once it does, you will receive your welcome pack as confirmation.

Once you've been officially registered, you can start looking at all the exclusive products and great prices that we can offer. Having access to exclusive trade products means that you can offer your customers something they will struggle to get anywhere else. Our industrial range, for example, isn't available to the general public.

When you have a trade account, you can bring exclusive designs and items to your customers. For example, the range that is offered by Techmar is a stunning addition to any garden. It's modern, minimalist and blessed with warm, white colour LED lighting. They have all been finished in a matte, black dry powder coat. This means that they fit seamlessly into any space and would be a great investment for your customers. 

Affordable 12v Outdoor and Garden Lighting, Spotlights and Post Lights 

Let's get into the good stuff that you'll get when you sign up for a trade account. First of all, you'll get exclusive access to our products, including some items that are only available to trade account holders! Our trade-only products can include this stunning range of gorgeous industrial items, all of which have been brought to you from Techmar. Whether you want the Dax standing light, the Mats hanging lights, or the Boaz wall lights, they're all very good ideas for your next project.

If you're looking for good landscaper outdoor lighting systems, then our range of 12v fixtures is usually a safe bet.

They're all great for outside, built with a minimum of IP44 rating, and are weatherproof, so they'll be able to stand up to storms and bad weather. There are plenty of outdoor light fixtures that will be suitable for any situation. Plus, it's pretty easy to pick and choose from our selection to create the best lighting effect.

It's not just exclusive products, either. We can also give you better pricing thanks to our exclusive offers and ex-VAT pricing.

You can pass the savings forward to your customers or cut down your costs - it's up to you! However, we know that you will be glad of the better prices when you have to purchase in bulk for a big project - you can save a lot of money. 

Trade Account Online Application - Just 2 working days to approve 

We would wholeheartedly recommend that you consider registering for a trade account today. Every business can benefit from trade accounts because they offer exclusive discounts and products that you can't easily get anywhere else. This improves the services that you can give your customers and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

We are happy to help you get registered, and you'll become a member of the family, which means we will take care of you and your business as much as we can. Whether this is helping you put together media for your social media accounts or giving you expert guidance, we are here for you. 

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