Garden Wall Lights - The New Halo

The new Halo low voltage outdoor wall light is exactly the same as the old Halo, but with one very exciting upgrade. The new and improved version can be switched between warm white and white. This is done by simply changing a jumper on the reverse of the light between two pins.

Added Versatility 

Having this option available allows you to replace or add another light without the fear of the colour changing. It also however means that if you need a brighter white light to match in your colour scheme you can do that as well.The fact that the jumper is on the back of the light may make you think it's inconvenient. If you think about it though, it's the best place. A) You won't be able to see it and B) Lets be honest, once you have decided which colour you prefer, what's the likelyhood your eve want to change it? 

 The Halo's New SMD LED

The Halo has always been one of the brighter garden wall lights. The new version of the light has a 2 watt SMD led unit which outputs slightly higher lumens.

So there you have it, a great new Halo that really does improve on the previous design at no extra cost. It's certain to help the Halo keep it's crown as one of the top selling lights in the whole Techmar 'Garden Lights' range.

So that it is about it for our Techmar news. Remember we are always here for any questions you may have and of course we still have our Free Garden Cable Design service for anyone who needs it.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2024