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So whats new in 2017 in the world of 12v low voltage garden lighting?

Well, there have been a few light modifications, a brand new light exclusively available from Garden Light Shop and some new colour lamp options plus a light that has been upgraded. But lets start with whats new.

New 12V Low Voltage Garden Lighting

 The only brand new 12V low voltage garden lighting from Techmar in 2017 is The LED Apollo Spotlight. Exclusively available from Garden Light Shop, the Apollo is basically a Focus spotlight but in silver. Many of you will remember the very popular Dominus spotlight that was discontinued at the beginning of last year (although it can be found in online stores that hold very old stock). 

New Colour 7W Bulbs (Lamps)

 The Apollo is also available with our new 7W colour bulbs available in red, green, blue and amber. These bulbs are a great alternative to the RGB lamps available if you wish to only have a solitary colour rather then the option of changing the colour. The lamps are also available separately or with the Verona (European name for the Focus).  

Adding colour is great for garden parties, seasonal celebrations or just for fun. Why not have a couple of the coloured led bulbs and use them when needed and then change them back to white after.  

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Monday, 11 December 2023