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The New Lights All in stock now!

It has been a busy 2023 with new lights from Techmar. Unlike all other 12-volt low voltage systems, Techmar introduce new lights into their range every year. Fashion and tastes change almost as quickly as interior lighting, so Techmar are always looking at design trends throughout Europe and making sure they always have a great mix of traditional lights and modern, using the most up to date colours, materials and LED technology. They have the biggest 12-volt lighting range in Europe and probably the world, with over 100 lights, all in our UK stock.  

To top all this we are now offering an industry leading 5 year warranty for complete Garden Lights systems purchased from us after 1st April this year (previous orders are 3 years). 

In addition to this we have also added some great Garden Leisure items to our range. So whether you are looking for a BBQ, firepit or hot tub, we have a great selection on offer. Click here to view the range

Now back to the new lights...

Here are a few, but many more can be found clicking here. All our new lights are on a special introductory price for a limited time. 

The Rune light is a great way to light paths and driveways. A sleek black 55cm high post light, with a punchy 2w 3000k led projecting light onto the path or drive. Can be base mounted or spiked into the soil. 

A versatile wall or flood light with an adjustable head and integrated 2w 3000k led. Especially good as a wall light as you can angle the light outwards. 

The Ilva looks great spiked in the ground shining across a path, steps or the lawn. A punchy 2w 3000k led, will project light approx 1.5mtr. Also great as a wall light mounted with the light pointing down.  

You asked for it and we got it. A solid stainless steel eyelid cover and a 1.2w 110 lumen led. The eyelid protrudes 16mm, making it look very sleek. Ideal for shining light across steps and mounting in short retaining walls. A stunning fitting.

The Acis is budget entry level deck light with an integrated warm white led. It has the same daisy chain cables allowing each one to be linked together. It might be cheap, but it is a cracking fitting that is selling in big numbers.  We also have put together some ready to go bundles for the Acis.

The Lunia in stainless steel has been a great seller. We asked for it to be in black, and here it is, the Black Edition. Standing 44cm high and uses the same dual colour 1 watt led unit that have proven to be great.  

12v Low Voltage Garden Lights and Accessories

FREE UK Delivery on all Techmar Lighting Bundles with The Garden Light Shop - Check out our price match promise on all outdoor lighting bundles. We have a range of illuminated driveway and garden posts which help you and your guests navigate after sundown:

  • Pathway lighting
  • Driveway Accent lighting
  • Water feature illumination
  • Security lighting, motion detection and intruder alerts

Techmar's lighting systems can be used to create a safe and inviting path through your garden, highlight specific areas of your garden, illuminate around your pond, fountain, or waterfall, and deter crime and make your home more secure.

No Electrical Experience? Installation is Easy with Plug n Play

Many homeowners in the UK love spending time in their outdoor spaces. However, once the sun goes down, backyards and patios often end up dimly lit or shrouded in darkness. This leaves beautiful garden features hidden at night. Additionally, poor lighting can make navigating and enjoying your outdoor oasis difficult and even dangerous after dusk.

If you've wanted to enhance your garden or patio with lighting but felt apprehensive about complex installation and electrical work, there's finally a solution. Techmar's innovative plug-and-play outdoor lighting systems are designed for easy DIY installation without requiring a qualified electrician.

Techmar's 12-volt low voltage lights are extremely safe for children, pets and adults. They simply connect to each other with straightforward click fittings then plug into an outdoor power outlet. With no complicated wiring, you can install Techmar's lighting kits yourself quickly and safely, even without electrical expertise.

All necessary components like transformers, cables, and mounts are included for a complete lighting system. Additionally, The Garden Light Shop provides numerous installation videos on their YouTube channel showing step-by-step guidance tailored for beginners. Their experts walk through illuminating gardens, patios, steps, and more using Techmar's user-friendly products.

Transform the ambiance of your outdoor space by highlighting garden features, illuminating pathways, adding accent lighting, and more. Techmar fixtures come in a range of styles to match any aesthetic - from modern to classic. And because they're solar-powered LEDs, the lights are sustainable and energy-efficient for years of beauty.

Don't let nightfall stop you from enjoying your outdoor haven. Techmar lighting systems make it simple to create a breathtaking oasis full of purpose and elegance that shines from dusk until dawn. Let The Garden Light Shop help easily bring your dream outdoor lighting to life.

How To Installation Video Plug and Play

How Do I Determine Which Transformer I Need? Is the Transformer Also Available with a British Plug?

By adding up the watts of all your lights and the accessories, you get the total wattage. Based on this, you can choose a 24 W, 60 W, or 150 W transformer. Bear in mind that the maximum load for the transformer is 75%. All our bundles are British 3 pin plugs.

At What Height Should I Mount the Transformer? Can I Mount the Transformer Outside?

To ensure the transformer functions correctly, we recommend you mount the transformer in a sheltered spot at least half a metre above the ground. You can mount outside if the transformer can be mounted in a sheltered location.

Where Can I Order Garden Lights Products Online?

You can find all our Techmar Plug n Play Lighting Systems on our main website.

What is Included in a Complete Set?

A complete set includes a transformer, a mains cable, and lights - we have several size bundles for small and large gardens. Order online and enjoy free door to door delivery.

Surrey Outdoor Lighting Showroom in Camberley - Browse and Buy

Based in Camberley, our outdoor lighting showroom is easily accessible from the M3, A30, A331, the A322 road runs from Bagshot to Bracknell and passes through Camberley. Call us on 01276 903 228 as we work on an appointment only basis Tuesdays to Friday, 9.30am to 4.00pm. We offer a warm welcome and a hot coffee or cup of tea.

Standard Garden Lighting Bundles
27 DIY Starter Garden Lighting KIts
Deluxe Garden Lighting Bundles
8 Larger Outdoor Light Bundles - Extras Included
LED Value DIY Kits w/Transformer
18 Kits - Ludeco Spotlights, Wall and Garden Lights
Trade/Wholesale Accounts
The Garden Lighting Shop Bespoke Service
Plug and Play DIY Home Garden Installation - Beginner kits ready to illuminate in minutes

Can you recommend extra accessories and spare parts?

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Outdoor Space with Techmar Accessories

Are you looking to expand your Techmar outdoor lighting game? The Garden Light Shop offers hundreds if not thousands of spare parts and endless advice for installation or product range. Browse our range of must-have accessories that will make your garden twinkle like never before.

Must-Have Accessories for Your Techmar Lighting

Cable Rescue Kit

Don't let tangled cables ruin your lighting setup. The Cable Rescue Kit is here to save the day!

16mm Flexible Split Conduit

Keep your cables organized and protected with our Flexible Split Conduit, available in 10m and 50m lengths.

Cable Ties

Secure your cables in place with our durable Cable Ties, available in different sizes for all your needs.

Weatherproof IP66 Switched Socket Outlet

Worried about the elements affecting your outdoor sockets? Our Weatherproof IP66 Switched Socket Outlet has got you covered.

DRiBOX for Cable & Transformer Protection

Protect your cables and transformers from the elements with our range of DRiBOX products, now on sale!

ENER-J WiFi Weatherproof Inline Switch

Take control of your outdoor lighting with the ENER-J WiFi Weatherproof Inline Switch. Control your lights remotely with ease.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Check out our full range of accessories to discover more ways to enhance your outdoor lighting experience.

For more information, feel free to contact us or call us on 01276 903228.

What is the Difference Between Low Voltage and 12 Volts?

Low voltage is any voltage below 50 volts, so 12 volts falls under the category of low voltage.

12-volt garden lighting offers several advantages, such as easy installation without the need for an electrician, safety for children and pets, and the flexibility to expand your lighting system.

Can I Switch from 230 V to 12 V Garden Lighting?

Switching from a 230 V system to a 12 V system requires replacing the entire cable system, along with the transformer and lights.

Can I Combine 230 V and 12 V Lighting?

While you can have both systems in your garden, you cannot directly connect a 12 V light to a 230 V system, or vice versa.

Are Techmar Lighting System Bundles Suitable for My Garden?

If you have a power outlet in your garden, shed, or porch, you can easily install 12-volt lighting.

For outdoor lights, what's the minimum requirement to begin?

All you need for 12-volt garden lighting is a regular power outlet.

Does 12v Lighting Emit Less Light?

The voltage of the lighting system does not affect the light output. The number of lumens indicates the amount of light emitted by a source.

Can Low Voltage Lighting Be Plugged into a Regular Power Outlet?

Yes, the transformer plug for a 12-volt system can be plugged into any EU power outlet.

Do I need to Earth my Power Outlet?

No, the transformer for a 12-volt system can be connected to any type of power outlet.

Are there area limitations for outdoor ighting?

12-volt lighting is suitable for any garden, large or small, as long as there is a regular power outlet available.

Why Techmar Smart Garden Lights are a Bright Idea

Looking for a way to make your home smarter and safer while you're away? Techmar has been leading the way in Smart lighting solutions, offering a range of products that seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle. Pop into our Camberley showroom and walk around our indoor decking area, with a whole display of different colours, styles and features. Which areas are you looking to brighten at night?

Understanding Smart Lighting: Bluetooth vs. Wi-Fi

Our Smart lighting range operates via Bluetooth, controlled through a free app available on both Apple and Google stores. Once you set up your account, you'll receive free updates, keeping your system up-to-date.

Introducing the Techmar Smart Switch 6269011

This isn't your average switch. The Smart Switch allows you to set multiple timers and even has a dusk-to-dawn setting. It's the switch that keeps on giving!

Creating Zones and Scenes

With our Smart Switch, you can define different zones in your garden, like seating areas or pond lighting. You can also create scenes that group these zones together, providing you with made-to-order lighting bundles always available in stock.

Smart MR16 LED: The Retrofitting Champion

Already a Techmar user? Our Smart MR16 LED can be retrofitted into many of Techmar's popular lights. Control shades, colors, and brightness all through our app. You can install the app at no charge, and it's so simple under 10's can use it .. only if you let them. Our clients tell us whether you are 6 or 60 years old, the app functionality is self explanatory and features a very easy settings navigation menu.

Meet Our Techmar Smart Lights Lineup

From the best-selling Focus to the upcoming Smart Deimos, our Smart Lights come ready to go, right out of the box. The full range offers the flexibility to only order as many units as you need. So, enjoy your bespoke choice whether you have a small, city concrete yarden, to a showcase heritage garden area.

Gain Independence With Your Complete Smart Lighting System

With a full Smart system, you can control each light independently, set timers, and even group them into various zones and scenes. It's not just smart; it's brilliant!

Integrating Smart Lights into Existing Systems

If you're looking to add Smart lights to your existing setup, you can still use your current Techmar switches. However, the Smart timer function will only be available via the app. So, if your driveway has been extended, or you've installed a pagoda, or BBQ area, simply purchase extra units and add them to your existing Techmar system. Easy peasy.

Ready to Get Smart?

Don't be left in the dark with the Garden Light Shop! Buy securely online or over the phone and invest in super Smart lighting solutions and take the first step towards a brighter, smarter home outside space.

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