Our Bestselling Low Voltage Spotlights in 2022

 And the Winner is? 

We often get asked what our bestselling Techmar low voltage spotlight is and to be honest, we weren't not 100% sure. This was the same across the entire Techmar lighting range. We had a good guess and got it right well mostly, but there were some surprise lights that crept into the top 3 bestsellers per category for 2022.

We therefore have decided to publish the findings of our survey over the next few days per category. Why? Because our top sellers are there for a reason. They represent the solid, tried and fully tested Techmar lights, most of which have been in the range for 10 plus years now. They may be different in construction, have various price points and features, but hopefully this may help you to decide on which ones to choose. 

1st Place

Focus Low Voltage Spotlight - We guessed this right. It has been in the Techmar range from day one, over 20 years now. It is a diecast metal construction, that comes with a metal ground spike and base mounting plate. We are the only Techmar retailer that offers the Focus with either a 3, 4 or 5w LED. We decided to do this so you can have the same spotlight but adjust the LED wattage to suit what you are trying to light. Whether it is a small shrub or a medium size tree we can do this with the Focus. We even offer it in he new Smart RGB version now so you can now control individual Focus Smart light functions that include colour, dimming, and scene setting via an app on your mobile device.

The Focus has a replaceable LED, so if the LED fails, you replace the LED and not the fitting.

The Focus spotlight is also available in ready to go standard bundles and superb deluxe bundles. These are unique bundles to the Garden Light Shop and give you everything needed to get you started. 

2nd Place

Alder Low Voltage Mini Spotlight - Our bestselling mini spotlight has been a firm favourite with our clients for many years. It comes a close second to the Focus and this could be due to it being slightly cheaper or that sometimes you might want more lights, but less output. The Alder is a plastic-based spotlight, comes with a 2watt 3000k LED, finished in the ever-popular anthracite colour and very suited for illuminating patio pots, smaller shrubs, rockeries etc. It is also great for people living in coastal areas due to the plastic construction. Like the Focus, it has a replaceable LED, and comes with a ground spike and base mounting plate.

The Alder also comes in numerous sized standard bundles to help you start illuminating your outside space. 

3rd Place

Neso Low Voltage Mini Spotlight - Introduced into the Techmar low voltage spotlight range early 2021 and wow has it done well. The Neso is very similar in size and output to the Alder but is finished in black. Plastic based with a built-in ground spike, non-replaceable LED and packs a punch of light. Again, great for illuminating patio pots, smaller shrubs and features. The Neso was popular from it's launch, possibly due to the price. At £10.39 each you really cannot go wrong with this 2 watt LED mini spot for smaller gardens and features.

The Neso started selling so well from day one that we also put together some ready to go Neso Standard bundles

Please remember that all Techmar products come with a 3 year warranty (must be a complete Techmar system including cables and transformer), this includes LED's. So, whether you purchase the cheaper Neso spotlight or one of the dearer spotlights, the warranty still applies. 

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