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 And the Winning Post Light of 2022 is?

Techmar have been producing low voltage 12-volt garden lighting systems for over 2 years now, so they really know their stuff. They have the biggest range of lights than any other manufacturer, making it even harder to choose, so we thought it would be a great idea to let you know our top sellers in 2022. It might help you to decide on the right ones for you. A complete Techmar lighting system will come with a 3-year warranty which includes the LEDs inside. So, whether your budget leans towards the cheaper post lights or the more expensive ones, you have the confidence that they all have the same warranty period.

1st Place

Linum Low Voltage Post Light – A short anthracite post light with a 2watt 3000k LED that stands 16 cm high. It is plastic construction and comes with a ground spike and can easily be base mounted on top of sleepers and patios etc. Being plastic also means it is great for coastal regions around the UK. Being low to the ground also makes the Linum ideal for path lighting and edging decking and patios. The 2w LED produces a nice warm 3000k LED light that pushes light up and sideways. Like most of the Techmar range, it has a replaceable LED unit, just in case.

We also have a range of ready to go Linum bundles that give you everything you need to get a system in the garden quickly. All plug and play, 12v low voltage, so safe for children and pets. 

2nd Place

Locos Low Voltage Post Light - This was a close one as 2nd, 3rd and 4th were all close on numbers, but the Locos traditional post light just got into 2nd. The Locos have been in the range for as long as we can remember, it is the grandfather of the post lights. It is a more traditional looking post that is ideal for the more traditional garden. It is 53cm tall, diecast metal construction and finished in a rusty brown dry powder coat for durability. A punchy 1.5w 3000k LED unit sits behind a glass frosted shade to give a nice light effect. The Locos has a matching wall light called Callisto, so you can cover the wall and floor with one traditional look. The Locos sit nicely in the borders, edging pathways and highlighting steps for added safety at night.

The Locos and Callisto all have readymade standard bundles or why not ask us for a bespoke mixed bundle? 

3rd Place

Arco 40 Low Voltage Post Light - This was a surprise to us, but a worthy 3rd place (just in front of the Lunia) The Arco post light range is my personal favourite and are the ones sitting very nicely in my garden. The Arco 40 is a 40cm high, modern black dry powder coated post light with a superb 3watt 3000k LED inside that gives a great light effect, sideways and upwards. The Arco range also has a matching 60cm post and a 5w LED spotlight called Arcus, so again you have lots of different lighting options covered by lights within the same family. If you want something brighter and modern looking the Arco/Arcus family are the ones. All come with metal ground spikes and base mounting facility.

The Arco and Arcus also have Smart RGB products. So, you can now add many colours, different shades of white and all dimmable via a free to download smart phone or tablet app.

As they are such great fitting they have lots of standard bundles and deluxe bundles available.

Again, all Techmar lights, cables and transformers have a 3-year warranty for complete Techmar systems.

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