Techmar 6009011 Timer Sensor Unit

Techmar Timer Sensor 6009011

It is that time of year again, Christmas is getting closer (sorry), leaves are falling and the car headlights are on while we drive home after work. Not the best time of year for most of us.

If you have one of these great units on your system, now is the time to adjust the ON time setting on your Techmar timer sensor so the outdoor lights stay on longer. If you don't the lights may switch on and then off again an hour or two later (your summer setting). This not only looks better, but helps with security and deter any unwanted visitors to your home. It is also much nicer and more welcoming to arrive home and the garden and/or driveway lights are on.

You can adjust the ON time from one hour to nine, so if it gets dark at 5pm and you set the ON time to 6, the lighting system will switch off at 11pm. Simple. There is still an automatic mode that will switch on at dusk and off at dawn. This is a great option especially if you are away.

Please remember that the timer sensor must be wall mounted, perhaps on a wall, shed or even a fence post. It also needs to be able to SEE daylight or darkness for it to work. Mounting inside the house or shed is not an option.

Also, why not try repositioning some of your post or spotlights in the garden as you can create some great effects now a lot of plants are dropping leaves. Perhaps shooting light up the fence or across the lawn. We also have a range of high power 7w coloured MR16 LEDs for the Focus spot light that is great for Halloween and Christmas time. (please make sure the transformer has the capacity to accept the extra wattage)

Remember having the lights on also looks great for Halloween...

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Saturday, 01 April 2023