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The fact is that we now what more from our outdoor home spaces. Landscapers are busy designing the ideal dream gardens for clients, making their outdoor space more flexible and useable. Creating casual seating areas, home offices, cooking areas and dining spaces with less real grass and low maintenance flower borders. A more modern look in the garden is the big trend. Bi-fold patio doors bringing the outside in and lots of wooden sleepers raised planters and grey fencing is all the rage at the moment. But the emphasis is on spending more time outside. Our summers seem to be getting longer, dryer and hotter so we can now spend a lot more time outside; whether we are simply having a coffee whilst reading the daily newspaper on the decking or having some friends around for a BBQ and a bottle of Prosecco, or two. These spaces are needed all day long, spring through to the end of autumn. With lots of people still working from home is is important to develop the outdoor space for a change of scenery. Lighting these areas is just as important so we can use this space longer and enjoy more on the colder nights from the warm lounge.  

Therefore,  the right type of lighting becomes necessary, so you can sit outside when daylight is failing and still enjoy your garden.  The right look from the lights is also important, they need to be modern looking and look right for the new look garden. Techmar identified this trend a couple of years ago and reacted. The result is the Industrial range of 12v plug and play lights. With simple, modern lines, warm white LEDs and all finished in a black dry powder coat, they look great in any garden.   

Welcome To Our Low Voltage Industrial Range 


Dax is a tall standing light that is great for illuminating tall bushes and pleached trees. It is also a great light for pointing down to illuminate, which gives a different look. 

Comes with a punchy 1.8w 3000k led. The Dax has a matching smaller spotlight called Raf. Plug & Play as standard. 


Raf is the smaller version of the Dax. It still has the same led spec, so 1.8w 3000k (warm white) but is suited to up lighting small and medium size plants. 

Comes complete with a metal ground spike and like all Techmar lights, ready to plug into your Techmar plug and play system. 


Mats is the light in the industrial range that likes to hang around. Superb for over eating areas, or hanging from a pergola. It is a subtle warm white light that is certain to create the right mood. Is comes with a 4w filament led in 2200k (warmer white). All simply plug and play into the Techmar system. 


Boaz is the wall light in the Industrial range. It can be mounted as a downlight or uplighter to create completely different looks and effect. Why not alternate them up and down to produce some wow factor. Boasting a 1.8w 3000k led package to give the right amount of light. Plug and Play as standard. 

All four lights in the range having matching black stippled dry powder coat finish that is very durable and will look great in any garden. They have matching sleek lines 

View the Industrial range by clicking here or any image above. 

What do you think?  Send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give us a call on 01276 903228 and we can discuss your garden lighting needs. 

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Monday, 11 December 2023