Techmar Transformers - Do's & Dont's

For a safe & simple garden lighting system it needs to be 12-volt, therefore a transformer is required.

Techmar Transformers

We get asked a lot of questions about the Techmar range of transformers so we have decided to put together a fact sheet that will hopefully answer any questions you may have.

All our transformers are 12-volt output and have a maximum wattage output (w). Exceeding the maximum wattage will cause premature failure of the transformer. Working out the best transformer for your lighting system is really easy, all you need to do is add up the wattage of each of the lights connected and get the next transformer size up. It is always best to allow for some expansion room as let's be honest, things change.

Useful Information on Techmar Transformers

  • All Techmar transformers are IP44 rated and therefore suitable for leaving outside, but not in areas prone to flooding. Do not bury or submerge them! All transformers come with fixing holes so they can be mounted off the ground on a wall or fence post. Please do not overtighten when wall mounting as it will distort and crack the casing.
  • The 150-watt transformer will run max 120-watt of LED loading. If you have all older style halogen bulbs on your system, you can load the transformer to 150-watt. The 150-watt version has a 12v AC output. (AC = Alternating Current)
  • The 60-watt version will run max 48w of LED loading. Again, if you have all halogen bulbs on your system you can load the transformer to max 60-watt. The 60-watt version has a 12v AC output. (AC = Alternating Current)
  • The 150w and 60w need a minimum loading of 5w to work. Less than 5w and the light(s) could flash.
  • The 12w and 24w smaller transformers we have in the range are 12-volt DC (Direct Current) and therefore the transformers will allow full loading up to 12w and 24w respectively. Although it is not good practice to load a transformer fully as you are working it to the maximum.
  • All our transformers come with a standard UK 3amp fused plug and 2mtr of input cable before the transformer. The plug is the same as all UK plugs (only black in colour) and will fit into a standard weatherproof outdoor IP65 socket or any UK indoor rated sockets. They have a single 12-volt female socket on the output to accept the Techmar male plug.

Some Questions Answered

  • Can you remove the moulded 3amp fused plug? Yes, not a problem and providing it is done properly. You will also need to make sure that either a 3amp fused plug is put back on or if you are hard wiring the transformer, it needs to be on a circuit that is either fused down to minimum of 6amps, but preferably 3amp. Providing this is all done properly, it will not void the transformer warranty.
  • My transformer gets warm to touch, is this normal? Yes, perfectly normal. All our transformers will get warm but should not get hot to touch. If yours is hot, switch the system off at the mains and contact us. There may be a break in the cabling that will cause this problem. If left on the transformer could fail and a new one will be required.
  • Can I bury the transformer? No, certainly not. It is IP44 rated which means it is suitable for outside use, but not rated to bury or place in water. Although we offer a range of Dri-Boxes for the transformer to sit in, it really is not necessary, just helps to keep it all looking better and tidy.

Using one of our Techmar transformers on a NON Techmar system?

  • All Techmar transformers have a female 12-volt output socket. If you are looking to connect to a NON Techmar system, you may need a short extension cable (we recommend the 1mtr SPT2 extension - click here) that will get you the Male plug needed to plug into the transformer. The Female socket on the other end of the extension cable will need cutting off and a weatherproof joint made to join the extension cable onto your system.
  • Unfortunately, the Techmar 3 year warranty only applies on transformers used on a complete Techmar system. It is impossible to warranty them when used in any other system due to the huge amounts of different applications and loadings.
If you would like to view our range of transformers, please click here

Techmar 60w Standard Transformer

The Techmar 6213011 standard transformer - Max 48w LED loading. 

The Techmar Female Outlet

All Techmar transformers have a female Techmar outlet that will take any Techmar male plug. 

The Standard Set-Up

All Techmar transformers come with a standard UK 3amp fused plug and 2mtr of input cable. 

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