The SPT2 Flex Cable System Your Questions Answered

SPT2 Flex Cable System - Your Questions Answered Flex System Q & A

The Techmar SPT-2 plain "Flex" cable system has been a complete game changer, since it was introduced in March 2019. This Flex system now makes up over 75% of cable sales and for good reason. The standard Techmar cable system consisted of main cables with moulded T connectors at certain spacing. Whilst these connectors are bullet-proof, they can be restricting when planning and installing your Techmar garden lighting system. The planning stage takes longer as you have to work out where the connectors will be positioned, and the installation can be tricky, especially if you  have to bridge paths and patios. The minimum ducting size required to get the T connector through is 40mm ID. 

The Flex cable system has lots of advantages over the Standard cables and the main one is that it is a plain cable, without any T connectors fitted. You simply run the cable around the areas to be lit, and clamp on a very heavy duty female connector and then plug a light in (or another cable if branching off). The SPT2 cable is a thicker, heavier duty cable with 100% copper conductors, so it will allow longer 12-volt systems to be put together as well.  

What are the main questions we get asked regarding the SPT-2 Flex cable system? 

1) What happens at the end of the cable run? Simply cap off the bare cable ends (after you have cut the cable to the length required). Caps are provided with each cable pack (1 pair on the 10m & 25m and 5 pairs on the 50mtr drum). You do not bring the cable back to the transformer to create a circuit or ring main like house wiring.  In truth the cable ends do not need covering, but it makes it all look tidy if you do so. We sell replacement packs of end caps as well. 

2) What happens if I want to remove a female connector and re-position elsewhere?  Ok the female connectors pierce the main cable to make contact with the copper conductors inside, so it will make holes in the cable insulation. When you remove the female connector it will leave small pierced holes, but these will self=heal in a few days but do not pose any problems to the working of the system. You do not need to tape over the holes. 

3) How do you create a branch or T joint off the main cable?  Simply attach a female connector onto the main cable where you want the branch to be and plug another flex cable in or one of our extension cables (these can be the lighter SPT1 extension cables). If you have an off-cut of SPT2 flex cable, you can put a male connector on one end and use this as the cable to form a branch, so don't throw the off-cuts away, you might need them later. 

4) Does the cable have to be buried? No it can be left on the surface, clipped to a fence line (we offer clips for it) or lightly buried. If you think you may have problems with foxes in the garden, it is always best to protect the cables in a ducting or lightly bury them. 

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