The Winning Wall Light is?

 The Best Selling Low Voltage Wall Lights of 2022 

Techmar produce a fantastic range of low voltage wall lights, that cover many different tastes and budgets. Spotlights are our biggest selling category, but wall lights closely follow. Wall lights are great for directing light downwards, whether it is onto borders or steps for safety. They are also great for controlling light pollution as all the light is channelled down, therefore not troubling neighbours and wildlife in rural areas. Again, this was a very closely fought category as really all the wall lights sell equally as well as each other.

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1st Place

Gilvus Low Voltage Downlight - These arrived into the Techmar range early 2018 and have been a big game changer. All metal and designed to fit nicely on a 75mm fence post, comes with a really good 4w 3000k LED and available in black or anthracite finish. The Gilvus range creates a stunning downward arc of light that can easily light walkways, garden gates, steps and borders. There is also a matching range of up/down fittings called Sibus, again available in black and anthracite. The Sibus has a 4w LED going up and another going down. They both produce that modern look that we see in lots of gardens. Replaceable LEDs as standard.

We also offer a complete range of deluxe bundles for the Gilvus, so why not take a look. We can also offer a bespoke bundle if you want to add in some Sibus. 

2nd Place

Deimos Low Voltage Wall Light - The Deimos is that well known eyelid shape wall light that is great for low level lighting on paths and steps, as well as either side of the garden office door. An all metal construction that is available in black and anthracite, that has been in the range for nearly 10 years. It has a little secret, the Deimos lights all come with a dual colour 1w replaceable LED that has a switch on it allowing you to select either warm white or bright white LEDs. This allows you to get the right LED colour for you and why not give the garden a different look later by changing the LED colour? The 1 watt LED provides a more subtle lighting effect but still does a great job and deserves its 2nd place status.

Standard Deimos bundles available here.

3rd Place

Sitta Traditional Low Voltage Wall light - A traditional light but with a modern twist. These are great sellers for us due to the modern/traditional look and the 4w filament 2200k LED inside that creates a lovely warm light. A full black metal frame plus glass panels completes the construction. They look great on the house, around the patio or garden office. Within this range there are three wall lights and two different size post lights, so we have most installations covered. The Celata and Columbus complete the wall lights and the Limosa takes care of the matching post lights.

The whole range has the same 4w filament 2200k LED which is replaceable and covered by the unique Techmar 3-year warranty (t&c's apply)

All 12v low voltage and part of the plug and play Techmar range.

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