Why 12-volt Garden Lighting?

See the pro's & con's of low voltage garden lighting

For a Safe System it needs to be 12-volt.

Techmar have been successfully designing and manufacturing 12 volt plug and play garden lighting for over 20 years. They are the market leaders in this field and offer the widest range of lights, switches and cabling options. In mainland Europe it is the norm to install 12 volt lighting in your front or rear gardens. They cannot understand why we use 240v mains systems, which are governed by very stringent electrical regulations to keep everyone safe. A 240v system needs to be installed by a qualified electrician that will have to provide a test certificate on completion of the lighting project. 12 volt systems do not carry the same regulations as they start life as safe and are designed to be an easy DIY install, just plug & play. Techmar are a forward thinking company and are proud to say they lead the market in 12v garden lighting, have the largest range and best products. 

The Pro's of using 12 volt garden lighting over 240v mains system 

  1. You can install it! No need for an electrician as it does not carry any regulations to install due to it already being safe for people and animals. 
  2. It is plug & play. Simply plugs together to form a network of cables that allow you to plug lights into. 
  3. No nuisance tripping that is always a problem with 240v systems. 
  4. Totally flexible. Your garden will change and evolve over time so you should have a lighting system that can be easily changed. Just unplug a light and move it, simple.
  5. 3 year warranty on all products for manufacturing defects, this includes all leds. 
  6. Replaceable leds on 99% of the range (Most other 12 volt systems don't even have this). Don't throw the light away and start again, just replace the led. We carry a full range of spares 
  7. 12 volt leds give the same light levels as 240v versions. 
  8. Totally safe for humans and animals. Accidentally damage a cable? Fine, easily repaired and no one hurt. 
  9. All cables can be clipped on fences or lay surface around the garden. No need for trenching cables in. See our accessory section.
  10. Moving home? take it all with you. Easily unplugs, packs away until you are ready to set them up again. 
  11. Cheaper and quicker to install. Save money and do it yourself, we are here to help and guide you through from the design stage to full after sales help. 

The Con's of using a 12 volt garden lighting system 

  1. The maximum cable run is approximately 60-80mtr from the transformer to the last light. The total amount of loading on the system also comes into play.  
  2. You must not exceed the transformer maximum rating. Although the largest transformer will take for example,  120x 1w post lights or 40x 3w spotlights, so loads of lights. 

That's it! We truly believe the way forward is to use low voltage systems for all the reasons stated above. The main benefits being that it is cheaper, much easier to install and totally safe.  
We have been selling 12 volt Techmar lighting systems for over 12 years and Techmar is all we sell.

Some of the benefits buying a Techmar 12 volt garden system from us:- 

  • Full planning and design help available. Click here for more details
  • Lots of UK based stock for next working day delivery. 
  • Expert help available via email or telephone.  We have been doing this for years so we have the answers. 
  • Full back up on the Techmar 3 year warranty 
  • Extensive range of spares available. 
  • Loads of ready to go bundles that have everything needed to get you started - click here 
  • We are always the first with new Techmar products. Sign up to our mailing list for up to news. 
  • Gift Cards. Why not send a loved one or friend a Garden Light Shop gift card? 
  • Camberley, Surrey based showroom. Why not book an appointment with one of our team for a walk through on the complete system. it is the only showroom in the UK. 

Contact Us we are available Weekdays Mon - Fri 8.30am - 5pm

Also, Free Delivery for orders over £75 (t&c's apply) - Fancy an extra offer off your first order? Sign up to our newsletter on the bottom of our home page and wait for the offer to display. We also offer free cable planning to help get you started. Just some basic information needed.

Why not book an appointment to view our Camberley Surrey showroom? Call us on 01276 903228 to book. 

The Garden Light Shop team are passionate about garden lighting. We are not happy until you have a lovely illuminated outdoor space and the easiest way of achieving this is by going 12 volt. Safe, Easy and Reliable. 

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Monday, 11 December 2023